Audiences split the leftovers at the cinema this Thanksgiving weekend, with two repeat contenders duking it out for the top spot and no new releases making the top three. A second-week tumble by last week’s record-breaking New Moon (down 70 percent) and a modest jump by The Blind Side (up 17.6 percent) narrowed the gap between the two films significantly, though New Moon still came out on top with $42.5 million to The Blind Side’s $40.13 million. 2012 also held steady at its No. 3 position with $18 million.

As far as new releases go, Old Dogs opened at No. 4 with a modest $16.85 million despite being widely panned by critics, while Ninja Assassin bowed at No. 6 with $13.14 million. Between them, A Christmas Carol held at No. 5 for the second week in a row with $16 million, a 30-percent jump in receipts from last week. Planet 51 dropped to No. 7 from its fourth-place debut last week with $10.2 million, while Precious dropped 35 percent to No. 8 with $7.09 million.

The Fantastic Mr. Fox also made its de facto debut this weekend, opening in wide release at No. 9 with $7 million. The Road also opened strong in its limited release, taking in $1.5 million from just 111 theaters, enough to land it at No. 11, just barely behind The Men Who Stare At Goats at No. 10 with $1.53 million.


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