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Weekend Box Office: Monster Hunter cuts down The Croods

Look out, Crood family.
Look out, Crood family.
Photo: Sony

How Crood! After weeks spent beating away the competition away with its big club, The Croods: A New Age has been cut down by one of those big-ass tooth swords from Monster Hunter. Paul W.S. Anderson’s video game adaptation, his first feature since closing out the Resident Evil franchise, scared up $2.2 million in its opening weekend, allowing it to just squeak by The Croods’ comparatively robust $2 million haul. We can only assume this interest in dinosaurs and dino-adjacent creatures is due to the imminence of our own looming extinction event. Merry Christmas?

The Croods remains this depressing season’s box office MVP, however, having secured more than $27 million in the four weeks since it’s opened. As a point of comparison, note that it’s taken The War With Grandpa—still in the top 10!—11 weeks to hit $18.2 million. In a distant third is Lionsgate’s corny Fatale, which raked in $925,000 in its opening weekend. Rounding out the top 10 are a slew of holiday-themed rereleases, including Elf ($365,000), The Polar Express ($231,000), National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation ($166,000), and How The Grinch Stole Christmas ($130,000). ‘Tis the season to remind ourselves of happier times.


It’s not all doom and gloom, however. Today, after months of fucking around, the House and the Senate will vote on a COVID relief bill that has $15 billion earmarked for live event venues, independent movie theaters, and cultural institutions.

For a more detailed breakdown of this weekend’s box office numbers, head on over to Box Office Mojo.

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