It would appear that there's plenty of money to go around so far this summer, since every major release since Spider-Man 3 has been a resounding hit. The latest and greatest: Knocked Up, Judd Apatow's warmly received follow-up to The 40-Year-Old Virgin, opened strong in second place this week with $29.3 million in receipts. Given how steadily Virgin performed over the long haul, it's probably safe to predict that this film will stick around until school is back in session. Meanwhile, Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End took in another $43.2 million to hold onto first place, but dropped a whopping 62% from its Memorial Day opening, which doesn't bode well for its long-term prospects. (Of course, when you make $400 million worldwide over four or five days, long-term viability doesn't matter so much.) The week's other two openings made a considerably mild impact: Mr. Brooks, the poorly reviewed Kevin Costner thriller, came in fourth with $10 million while Gracie, the soccer movie loosely inspired by Elisabeth Shue's adolescence and directed by her husband Davis Guggenheim, limped into seventh with $1.4 million.

In limited release, Once added 40 more theatres in its third week while losing little momentum. It's per-screen-average was a solid $7500 and it appears poised to be the indie sleeper of the summer so far. Meanwhile, Day Watch collected enough of Night Watch's cult audience to scoop up $9300 per-screen-average on five screens, though it still has a steep hill to climb.

More detailed numbers available at Box Office Mojo.