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Weekend Box Office: Is Will Ferrell the New King Of Comedy?

With Jim Carrey and Adam Sandler's stars on the wane, Will Ferrell appears to be staking his claim as America's most bankable comedian. Showing little dropoff after Talladega Nights opened to unexpectedly huge numbers last summer, Ferrell's new comedy Blades Of Glory raked an impressive $33 million over the weekend—and without needing a fat suit or leather chaps, either. Close behind in second with $25 million was Meet The Robinsons, Disney's latest attempt to resuscitate its animation studio. Meanwhile, 300 continued to inch closer to the $200 million mark by taking $11 million for third, and last week's box-office champ, TMNT, took a precipitous 62% dropoff into fourth, no doubt reeling from middling reviews and poor word-of-mouth. The week's other opening, the well-reviewed thriller The Lookout, bowed in 11th place with $2 million, though it should be noted that it's only on about 1000 screens. (Still tepid, but less than it seems.)

More detailed numbers at Box Office Mojo.


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