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Weekend Box Office: Hobbs, Shaw, and the siren's call of openly silly action

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Sometimes you just need to drag yourself out of the house and get into some over-sized, unabashedly silly cinematic action, and from the look of this past weekend’s domestic box office, many would agree. Hobbs & Shaw didn’t quite replicate the opening weekend success of the majority of the Fast & Furious franchise’s more recent installments, but it still managed to knock The Lion King out of the No. 1 spot, netting $60.8 million. It’s also a viable entry point for future franchise spin-offs, which will hopefully lead to the high-octane underwater adventure we deserve.

The rest of the top five falls in line with last week’s top films. Trailing Lion King are Once Upon A Time... In Hollywood, Spider-Man: Far From Home, and Toy Story 4 in their previously reported order, which doesn’t make for the most exciting of box office updates. There was, however, a slight shake-up with indie stand-out The Farewell: An increased presence of 274 additional screens was enough to best Crawl with a domestic pull of $2.4 million and claim the No. 7 spot. Sixth place went to Yesterday, which not only managed to maintain its spot from the previous weekend, but also outperform Crawl for the first time since the Floridian horror slithered into theaters.

This weekend is all about Dora And The Lost City Of Gold and Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark, one of which centers around one of the grossest horrors we’ve seen to date. Come on—where are Boots The Monkey’s boots?!


For more detailed insight on this past weekend’s box office, visit Box Office Mojo.

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