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Weekend Box Office: Ghost Rider drops like a stone, still #1

Though it dropped nearly 60% from its opening weekend take and looks to barely recoup its $110 million production cost (before advertising, of course) domestically, the by-all-accounts crappy Nicolas Cage superhero movie Ghost Rider topped the box office for a second week in a row with $19.7 million, edging out a host of newcomers on Oscar weekend. The widely panned Jim Carrey thriller The Number 23 opened in second with $15.1 million, which is only $7.9 million away from being truly spooky. Reno 911: Miami! netted the Comedy Central staple $10.4 million, a number that may not seem impressive until you consider how little the film must have cost. The week's other major studio opening, The Astronaut Farmer, finished a distant ninth with only $4.5 million in receipts, but again, the frugal $13 million budget makes it a pretty painless write-off for Warner Brothers.

In limited release, Lionsgate's "After Dark" release The Abandoned collected a mere $817 per screen for an $817,000 overall take. The other seven films in the series are mercifully slated for DVD later in the month. Also new and ignored was the Heather Graham coming-out comedy Gray Matters, which made $28,000 total, despite the leakage of Graham's make-out scene with Bridget Moynahan.


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