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It isn't often that a movie eclipses its entire budget in its first two days of release, but Friday and Saturday were enough to recoup Superbad's $20 million (not counting marketing costs, of course) and Sunday put it well over the top, as it ended the weekend in first place with $31 million. Fueled by an savvy marketing campaign, strong early buzz, and the unstoppable phenomenon that is McLovin, the film will likely be the summer's last major hit, as studios start dumping their misfires between now and Oscar season. One of those misfires, the long-shelved Body Snatchers remake The Invasion, opened in fifth with a paltry $6 million and the not-screened-for-critics dud The Last Legion fared even worse, bowing in 12th with $2.6 million.

In limited release, the relatively high-profile documentaries The 11th Hour and The King Of Kong: A Fistful Of Quarters enjoyed $14,000 and $10,000 per-screen-averages respectively, though word-of-mouth will likely determine how they'll perform once they roll out.

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