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Weekend Box Office: Fumble!

It was a boring little battle for second-best this weekend as big-name new releases Leatherheads and Nim's Island were locked in a dead heat for the silver to unexpected hit 21's second week of gold. Though actual grosses won't be released until later today, studio estimates shows George Clooney's period sports film/screwball romantic comedy (the presumed top dog this weekend) just edging out the Jodie Foster family flick, with $13.4 million and $13.3 million takes, respectively. Surprisingly though, neither managed to bump last week's top earner, 21, out of the top spot, where it settled in with $15.1 million.

Elsewhere in the top 10, The Ruins came in at No. 5, behind the still-going-strong Horton Hears A Who!, while Meet The Browns and Drillbit Taylor engaged in an even sadder battle for the No. 7 spot with $3.5 million in receipts each. Overall, the numbers reflected a serious slump at the box office so far this year, with the top 10 films overall grossing 27 percent less than last year and 22 percent less than the year before.


More detailed numbers can be found at boxofficemojo.com.

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