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Until the people with the vests and nametags have finished counting the tickets, nobody really knows which movie is going to win a given weekend’s box office. That being said, did anyone really expect to see anything other than Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker continuing to swallow up everyone’s movie money? It landed at the top of the charts again this week, pulling in just a hair over $34 million, and while that’s down from last week, it was still almost $10 million higher than Jumanji: The Next Level—which added $26.2 million to its already-impressive take for second place.

Little Women made $13.6 million for third place, bringing it up to just over $60 million total, with Frozen II landing in fourth at just $11.8 million. That may not be an impressive number on its own, but it was enough to bring the movie’s global box office past $1.3 billion. That’s enough to make it the highest-grossing animated film of all time, beating a record previously set by (what else?) the first Frozen. Variety points out that the Lion King remake made $1.65 billion, but Disney considers it a live-action movie for some reason so it doesn’t count. (One might argue that Disney gamed the system a bit by calling The Lion King a live-action movie so Frozen 2 could break this record, but we’ll leave that to people who actually care about Disney’s constant attempts to outdo itself, which is probably just Disney anyway.)


Rounding out the top five for this weekend is the new Grudge reboot, the only new movie on the list. It made $11.4 million and got a higher per-screen average than Little Women, but give the middling reviews and this brutal competition, it might not end up going much higher. The season’s poor punching bag Cats meanwhile fell to 10th place, adding only $2.6 million to it’s $24.7 million total in just its third week in theaters. Again, nobody could’ve known for sure it would go this poorly, but it’s hardly surprising that Star Wars has done so much better in the same amount of time.

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