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Earlier this month,  Endgame’s first-day ticket sales broke both Fandango’s previous records as well as a few ticketing websites, causing errors and more than a little difficulty for eager fans attempting to secure their spot at the end of an era. After months (or years, for many) of anticipation, the final chapter of Marvel’s third phase packed theaters and absolutely owned the global box office, decimating opening weekend records while earning $350 million across 4662 domestic theaters and $1.2 billion globally. Who could’ve predicted this?

Believe it or not, other films did experience a little weekend traffic, as well. Though it saw an 11.6% decrease in earnings, Captain Marvel still managed to leap to the No. 2 spot behind its mega-stuffed companion, earning just over $8 million. The latest Marvel standalone feature likely received a bump in interest from those wishing to prolong their Marvel high just a wee bit longer (or from those who wanted to reacquaint themselves with the newest hero before seeing her go toe-to-toe with Thanos). The Curse Of La Llorona, which claimed the top spot Easter weekend, slipped to third while Shazam! trickled down to the fifth spot, getting narrowly edged out of fourth place by Chrissy Metz’s faith-based drama Breakthrough.


Unsurprisingly, other studios sat this weekend out in order to let Marvel collect their sacks of cash in peace, so the lack of fresh competition makes for a somewhat stilted review for the time being. The burning question now is, how long will Endgame retain its grip on the top spot? Whatever it takes, right?

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