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Weekend Box Office: Endgame narrowly maintains its spot at the top

Image: Marvel Studios

As we previously assumed, Avengers: Endgame has managed to top domestic box offices for another weekend, digging it heels into the champions circle for as long as it can possibly hold on (which, as we mentioned before, would likely be until May 30 when a certain grumpy monster arrives). Though Marvel can add this past weekend to its list of homegrown wins, it finally met some competition in the form of a gruff, preciously fluffy detective. Detective Pikachu eased its way into second place with a domestic gross of $58 million, trailing Endgame by just over $5 million. Among international box offices, Pokémon actually beat Avengers by just a hair, securing $103 million versus Endgame’s $102 million. So to finally settle the long-debated question: Yes, Squirtle can absolutely take down Thor, but only in parts of Europe.

The Rebel Wilson/Anne Hathaway Dirty Rotten Scoundrels remake The Hustle only managed to nab the third-place spot. To its credit, it still had a better premiere weekend than Long Shot had the weekend prior, and with fewer theaters. Speaking of the political rom-com, it still couldn’t quite outperform The Intruder which has grossed a domestic total of almost $21 million. That’s not too shabby for a thriller flick with a modest budget of $8 million.


Diane Keaton’s Poms was met with minimal cheers, debuting in the No. 6 spot and securing only a $5 million haul - that’s $3 million less than all initial predictions. Per experts, it is the worst debut of the year for a film with over 2700 theaters. On the bright side, this week’s premieres - John Wick 3 and The Sun Is Also A Star - can breathe a little easier. Surely it can’t get much worse, right?

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