Proving that America just can't get enough of Robert Downey Jr. in movie-blackface, Tropic Thunder held strong atop the box office over Labor Day weekend. But aside from that and comedy The House Bunny's stand at #4, the three-day break caught viewers in a gloomy mood. Despite being widely panned, and its bleak post-catastrophe setting, the Vin Diesel-starring Babylon A.D. hoisted itself to a start in the #2 slot, really just a couple million behind Tropic Thunder. The Dark Knight, meanwhile, brooded on at #3, and Traitor debuted in fourth, despite starring the often-lovable Don Cheadle in a shadowy role. As if that weren't enough brutality, Death Race stuck it out as sixth as more lighthearted fare like Pineapple Express kept on sliding down through the top 10. Now dry those tears and get the hell back to work.

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