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We’ve entered uncharted territory here at the Weekend Box Office department: For the first time ever—or at least as far back as we can remember, which covers the last three or four weeks—more than one big movie came out. That means the box office crown didn’t just fall on, say, Sonic The Hedgehog or Bad Boys For Life by default. Still, it wasn’t much of a battle, as Pixar’s new road trip adventure Onward made $40 million in its opening weekend, which is a good $30 million more than the week’s other new movie, Ben Affleck’s The Way Back (it made $8.5 million). Sandwiched between those two is last week’s winner, The Invisible Man, which came in second here with a respectable $15 million.


Rounding out the top five are Sonic and The Call Of The Wild, with the former getting $8 million (bringing it to $140 million in its four weeks on the chart) and the latter once again falling short of the blue behemoth by making only $7 million (enough to bring it to just a hair under $60 million in three weeks). Next up is Autumn de Wilde’s Emma., which made a relatively large amount of money from a very small rollout over the last two weeks and rode that wave to a sixth-place finish and $5 million this week (a 330 percent increase!). Then there’s Bad Boys, which we’re tired of talking about (it made $3 million and cracked $200 million total), Birds Of Prey And The Disappointing Box Office Returns Of One Harley Quinn ($2 million this week), and then the Impractical Jokers and My Hero Academia movies (which both made under $2 million).

Elsewhere in the charts, we have a couple of interesting… firsts (heh heh heh), specifically First Cow and something called First Lady. The former, Kelly Reichardt’s likable Western biscuit movie, made $96,000 out of only four theaters, foreshadowing an Emma.-like uptick once it rolls out further. The latter, which is a political rom-com with Nancy Stafford, Stacey Dash, and Corbin Bernsen, landed at the very bottom of the list with $503. This is why we’ve got to vote Democrats into office, people. That is simply not enough money for one movie to live on!

For a more in-depth analysis of this weekend’s box office, head over to Box Office Mojo.

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