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Weekend Box Office: Annabelle Comes Home scares up a respectable opening weekend

Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures

Aside from two fairly anticipated openings, there really was not much standing between Disney/Pixar and its top spot in the domestic box office. To the surprise of nobody, Toy Story 4 hunkered down for another weekend in the leading spot, pulling in nearly $58 million after a standard 52% decline in sales. The toys are still very much alive, so that might not ring as the most important news here.

What does rightfully turn a few heads, however, is a notably successful weekend for the R-rated continuation of the Conjuring franchise. Annabelle Comes Home arrived just behind Toy Story 4 in the No. 2 spot while simultaneously beating out a film about Beatles music. (To be fair here, Annabelle did have 1000 more screens than Yesterday. Still, The Beatles.) Annabelle managed a total global gross of over $76 million, making back its modest budget (which was in the $12-20 million range, according to Bloody Disgusting). Is it the weakest opener of the Conjuring series? Sure, but to rise above a stacked roster of projected summer favorites and outperform direct competition like Child’s Play in its first weekend is nothing to sneeze at.


Aladdin remains in the top five along with Secret Life Of Pets 2, but it is worth noting that the former’s unadjusted global gross has officially overtaken Independence Day, making it Will Smith’s biggest film at the global box office, per Deadline. This is great news for the legacy of Genie, whose initial photos inspired such quiet alarm. Spider-Man: Far From Home heads to theaters this week, so we’re going to use the downtime to think of jokes that don’t involve the words “swinging” or “web” before it claims its residency at the No. 1 spot.

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