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Weekend Box Office: America is finally ready for slightly less dystopian, more manipulative love stories

After more than a month of being swept up in desperate romance born of survival and starvation, America finally moved on to a more traditional form of love story—the manipulative kind, as represented by Think Like A Man and The Lucky One. The Steve Harvey-inspired prolonged stand-up bit about how men are all like penis beer basketball and women are all like wedding withholding nuh-uh clearly struck a chord with a nation seeking a little hit of clichéd truth and/or a movie without so many white people in it, making Think Like A Man the first to break Hunger Games' winning streak with its $33 million haul. (No doubt some publicist is already pitching a parody ad that smirks, "In the cutthroat game of dating, the odds are ever in these ladies' favor…") Meanwhile, The Lucky One dripped into the No. 2 position with $22.8 million, wrapping up all the remaining female audience members in the cashmere throw of its Nicholas Sparksian love, which is pure and uncomplicated and looks good with its shirt off.

The similarly simple, simian love of one Chimpanzee for another was enough to land that film at fourth place, as Disney scored an impressive $10.2 million debut for its nature documentary by capitalizing on the current zeal for movies in which adorable things are pitted against each other for survival—or, just a week in which there aren't that many things parents can watch with their kids. They certainly preferred it to the boob-honking monkeyshines of The Three Stooges, anyway, which dropped all the way to a disappointing fifth place and put its prospective sequel, The Three Stooges: The Search For Curly's Gold in potential jeopardy. Elsewhere, The Cabin In The Woods held up decently at sixth—pretty respectable for a horror film whose twists seem to have been spoiled in every other review by now—while Space Jail continued its zero-gravity freefall to twelfth, where it floats now like a jail that is in outer space and that is enough, we can stop fleshing out the script now. Space Jail!


Finally, Marley worked the numbers on its 4/20 debut date—and its 42 theaters—and ended up with a respectable $260,000 take from tokers who still find 4/20 confluences funny. And, long-since removed from her own, laid-back, pot-smoking Annie Hall days, the modern Diane Keaton once more screamed and fidgeted through the very-limited-release Darling Companion to the tune of around $11,575 per every one of its four theaters, bringing out the diehards who will literally watch Diane Keaton do anything, even look for a dog or whatever. Love, after all, takes many marketable forms.

For more detailed numbers, visit Box Office Mojo.

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