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Weekend Box Office

Recession be damned, the box office just keeps chugging along at top speed, with the top 20 films pulling in numbers 15 percent higher than the same frame last year. Gran Torino led the pack in its first week of wide release with $29.03 million, following up four weeks of excellent limited-release numbers (over $10 million grossed in fewer than 100 theaters). A couple of dismal-looking new releases duked it out for second place, with Bride Wars taking the No. 2 spot with $21.5 million and The Unborn nabbing the bronze with $21.1 million.

Last week’s two-time No. 1, Marley And Me took a significant tumble in the face of new competition, dropping 53 percent to No. 4 with $11.35 million. The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button held up a little better, dropping from No. 3 to No. 5 with $9.45 million in receipts. Bedtime Stories dropped to No. 6 from No. 2 with $8.55 million, followed by Valkyrie at No. 7 with $6.66 million (yes, really) and Yes Man at No. 8 with $6.16 million. Not Easily Broken debuted exceptionally high given its relatively small theater count, landing at No. 9 with $5.6 million from only 724 theaters. Last and least, Seven Pounds suffered the biggest drop in the top 10, falling 61.3 percent to No. 10 with $3.9 million.

More detailed box-office numbers can be found at boxofficemojo.com.


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