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Weekend Box Office

The top 10 has gone to the dogs once again this weekend, with Beverly Hills Chihuahua taking the top spot for the second week. Though its still-impressive $17.5 million take was down 40 percent from last week's opening, it was still enough to keep four new releases out of the top spot–including the big-name Oscar-bait Body Of Lies. In fact, the combination of Ridley Scott, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Russell Crowe wasn't enough to even nab the silver: Body Of Lies came in at No. 3 with $13.1 million, behind Quarantine with $14.2 million.

Dennis Quaid's feel-good football flick The Express landed at No. 6 with $4.7 million, behind Eagle Eye at No. 4 ($11 million) and Nick And Norah's Infinite Playlist at No. 5 ($6.5 million). Nights In Rodanthe fell to No. 7 with $4.6 million, while Appaloosa (No. 8 with $3.34 million) just barely beat out The Duchess (No. 9 with $3.32 million), which made its top 10 debut after a limited opening three weeks back. Bill Murray rounds out the top 10 with the family-friendly adventure film City Of Ember, which took in an anemic $1,583 per screen, totaling $3.2 million.


More detailed numbers can be found at boxofficemojo.com.

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