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Over its two seasons, Showtime’s Masters Of Sex has been doing what some people once thought impossible: bringing HBO-esque prestige to a cable network that isn’t HBO. Showtime isn’t stopping there, though, and it’s working on another biographical drama from Masters’ executive producers Sarah Timberman and Carl Beverly. This time, the network is adapting the life/work of poet Mary Karr, the author of best-selling memoir The Liars’ Club. This comes from Deadline, which reports that Karr herself is set to executive produce as well.


Showtime is also apparently a big fan of promoting within, since—in addition to Timberman and Beverly working on the series—the network is also in talks with former Weeds lead Mary-Louise Parker to star. Deadline says Parker would also be an executive producer if she takes the role, so it sounds like anybody looking to add an executive producer credit to their résumé should give Showtime a call. It’s giving them out like Halloween candy. Also, we don’t know what Showtime will call its Mary Karr series, but hopefully it can sneak some not-so-subtle imagery into this one’s logo too.

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