From Pop Candy: The aggressively stupid MTV Movie Awards were on last night, and apparently there was a hubbub over a goofly little pot-smoking bit by Pineapple Express stars Seth Rogen and James Franco. When the duo was presenting the prestigious best summer movie so far award, they whipped out a bag of fake weed and proceeded to smoke a fake joint, causing visible consternation among audience members like Rihanna and clean-living Robert Downey, Jr. During the bit MTV's cameras cut to a wide shot so as to downplay the offensive doobage. Later Franco said the joke was in MTV's show script, but the network had a last second change of heart. "MTV wrote it! … Then backstage there was this big commotion: 'You guys can't say that,'" Franco told AP. "It says right in the script: 'Lights fake joint.'" Yeah right, James. It's not like MTV has a history of pulling controversial stunts and then calling them "accidents." See some heavy fake drug taking here.