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Arguing the merits and demerits of a favorite TV show is an exercise plagued with uncertainty. What some viewers see as a well-developed, three-dimensional character, others may see as a grating waste of space, and one person’s daring plot twist is another person’s nonsensical cop-out. With Graph TV, this is no longer a problem. The website, created by software engineer Kevin Wu, looks up the IMDB user ratings for every episode of a given TV show and turns them into points on simple graphs that show the ebb and flow of public opinion over the course of a series. Each season of the show is coded with a different color, so users can see, for example, which seasons of Dexter received more praise as they went on and which ones tumbled down the Y-axis faster than an Olympic bobsled team with nothing left to lose. Type in your favorite show and get a definitive chart attesting to its quality, thus ending all future arguments on the matter before they begin. [via Uproxx]


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