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Spider-Man: Coming Of Age Movie (co-starring Chris Evans!)

Before a big movie comes out, the studio behind it will sometimes register a wide array of domain names that are tangentially related to its official title and just sit on them so troublemakers can’t scoop them up. The specific names don’t usually mean anything, but sometimes actual news comes out of these domain registrations, like when the internet correctly deduced the final titles of both Quantum Of Solace and Skyfall before they were officially announced. That example is especially noteworthy, because over the last few days, the internet has become convinced that it has now uncovered a handful of possible titles for Sony’s next Spider-Man movie.

The first title—and the one to gain the most traction among people who are very quick to believe things like this—is Spider-Man: Homecoming, which comes from Sony registering the domain name “SpiderManHomecomingTheMovie.com” (via the BBC). The reason this caught on is because there was a Spider-Man comic book storyline in the ‘80s called “Homecoming” that happened to feature appearances from some of the Avengers, so some people theorized that this meant the movie would also reunite Tom Holland’s Spider-Man with the Avenger buddies he’ll meet in Civil War. The problem with this is that the Homecoming storyline is all about Spidey returning to Earth with the other heroes after the crazy Secret Wars crossover, which basically means that the next Spider-Man movie will absolutely not be an adaptation of it. There’s a small chance it will really be called Homecoming, but if that’s the case it’ll probably be in reference to Peter Parker asking Zendaya to a dance and not him and Captain America coming back from the Beyonder’s Battleworld.


After that, a few more registrations popped up (via NME), including “SpiderManGreatnessAwaitsMovie.com” and “SpiderManSuspendedMovie.com,” both of which would be objectively terrible names. But, if we assume that each of these domains is as likely to give us the official name as SpiderManHomecomingTheMovie.com is, then we think the safest bet for the real name comes from SpiderManComingOfAgeMovie.com, which is a real domain that Sony recently registered. After all, the movie is supposed to be set while Peter Parker is still in high school, so what better name is there than Spider-Man: Coming Of Age Movie? It’s snappy, it gets right to the point, and it’s supported by just as much evidence as Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Of course, we could just wait for Sony to announce the official title, but until then we’ll just assume it’s going to be Spider-Man: Coming Of Age Movie.

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