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Weary nation can finally relax, as Pamela Anderson joins the Baywatch movie


The stalwart, well-toned sentinels that stand guard over America’s roiling ocean of ’90s nostalgia can finally rest their weary eyes. Their long vigil is over: Pamela Anderson has returned to Watch over the Bay. That news—as all news about the upcoming Baywatch movie apparently must—comes courtesy of Dwayne Johnson’s social media, where the ever-smiling fitness golem posted a picture of himself standing next to the former Stripperella star.

Anderson starred for five years on the original Baywatch, where her character, C.J. Parker, inspired feelings of lust and inadequacy from the millions who tuned in weekly to watch her distort time itself through the art of carefully choreographed running. Now, she joins an also-returning David Hasselhoff, for a comedic interpretation of the franchise that turned him into a sex symbol, despite the fact that he was playing a guy named Mitch.


Zac Efron and Kelly Rohrbach—who’s playing the modern take on Anderson’s character, and who was also described by Johnson as a “smoke stack,” because apparently he’s trying to make that a thing—are also starring in the film. The movie’s producers recently showed off some footage at CinemaCon, emphasizing its raunchy, comedic nature, because the one thing we all needed was for someone to finally shake Baywatch free of its last vestiges of class.

[via Variety]


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