Over the years metal fans have proven their devotion to the genre in numerous ways, one of which involves exhaustively mapping the genre’s origins and sounds. A couple years ago a map surfaced, displaying the number of metal bands per capita across the globe, but now The Atlantic’s City Lab has extrapolated on it, positing that the countries with the most metal bands are also the wealthiest. Considering that Scandinavia has the highest density of metal bands—and that Sweden, Denmark, and Norway are considered to be in the top-five for quality of life for their constituents—it only furthers that the black metal bands that persist in those countries are not influenced by the economic state of their homelands, but by their grim, frostbitten winters. Such a development leaves other lingering questions, such as: “Does this influx of metal bands result in increased revenue for the metal-spike industry in these countries?” And, “Does each country suffer from increased noise pollution as a result of overly excited fans walking around yelling ‘SLAAAAYER’ at all hours of the day?” We will wait patiently until Neiman Labs releases a study addressing such concerns.