We heard your heartbroken cries when the Nathan For You Season 4 Sneak Peek and Q&A with Nathan Fielder event at the upcoming fourth annual 26th Annual Comedy Festival sold out. But here we are to help stifle those cries: We’ve added a second performance on Saturday, June 3 at 10 p.m. This is it, though, people. Snap these up while you have the chance. They’re on sale now, right here. Go!

In other comedy fest news, both Patton Oswalt shows are completely sold out, and we won’t be adding another. (Sorry!) Same goes for Bitch Sesh. Tickets remain for our special evening with actor/director Christopher Guest (Waiting For Guffman, A Mighty Wind, This Is Spinal Tap) and our special screening of Idiocracy with director Mike Judge. And lots of other stuff, too, but there won‘t be tickets forever, so hop to it. Eugene Mirman and Jon Glaser! Guys We F@#cked: The Experience! Bobcat Goldthwait! Adam Ruins Everything! Read about all of ‘em and buy tickets here.