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We’re celebrating our furry and feathered friends with Pets Week

Grab your favorite four-footed (or feathered, or reptile) friend and join us for another A.V. Club theme week: It’s Pets Week! This week we look at the domestic animals that have had an impact on so many pop-culture creations. We kick it off today with an Inventory on animal co-stars hated by their castmates. (Eddie on Frasier was a lot more temperamental than we expected.) Caroline Seide offers an inspired analysis of Disney’s best movie, featuring the social dynamics behind the dogs of Lady & The Tramp. Our domestic companions get even more intriguing in a Wiki Wormhole on exotic pets.


Our Watch This feature this week highlights films about the “sometimes sweet, sometimes weird, always meaningful relationship between people and animals,” while Hear This offers songs about pets. Coming up, we have an Inventory about misunderstood hedgehogs, a TV Club 100 Episodes about Mr. Ed, and a Run The Series about Benji. Look for another For Our Consideration about Charlie Brown and Snoopy, an AVQ&A about the pet deaths that affected us most, and so much more in Pets Week. And maybe give your own pets an extra treat today. They deserve it.

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