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We’re all doomed, but at least Hillary Clinton and Kate McKinnon got a nice meal

(Photo: NBC/Getty Images)

Saturday Night Lives Kate McKinnon has largely moved on from her Hillary Clinton impression, given that she’s been tasked with taking on Trump minions ranging from Kellyanne Conway to Jeff Sessions to Betsy DeVos. But, according to Page Six, McKinnon and Clinton are kindling an off-screen bond. The two grabbed dinner at New York theater district restaurant Orso—a notably good place to spot celebrities—this Wednesday.

A source told the Post, “Lots of laughter emanated from their table,” which is a nice thing to hear as we muffle our own screams of panic. The other patrons gave them enough privacy so as not to completely eavesdrop on their conversation, though apparently one giver of zero fucks did try to start a “lock him up” chant in reference to Trump. After she ate with McKinnon, the former candidate then went off to see Sunset Boulevard on Broadway, where she stole Glenn Close’s thunder by getting a standing ovation of her own.


Meanwhile, Trump presumably still doesn’t like SNL.

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