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We only met a few of Watchmen's Minutemen last night, but they all posed for a photo anyway

Photo: Mark Hill (HBO)

[Spoilers for Watchmen’s sixth episode below.]

Last night’s Watchmen swept us into the past for a gutting, action-packed look into the origins of The Minutemen, the ‘40s superhero team that sets the stage for the events of Alan Moore’s iconic comic. At the center of the show’s story was Hooded Justice, here a Black cop who discovers his only effective means of fighting injustice is as a white-presenting superhero. He’s recruited by the manipulative and self-interested Captain Metropolis, but the rest of the team—including Silk Spectre, whose daughter is played by Jean Smart in the show’s present—was cloaked mostly in blurry background shots.


Well, HBO, knowing it would be heresy not to recreate the Minutemen’s pose from the original comic, is here to save the day. The network’s official Twitter account posted a photo of the whole gang, just as they’re rendered in Moore’s work.

That’s, from the left to the right: Silhouette, Mothman, Dollar Bill, Nite Owl, Captain Metropolis, a kneeling Comedian, Silk Spectre, and Hooded Justice. Will we see them again in a future episode? Unlikely, but this is fun, regardless.

You might remember that Zack Snyder also recreated the pose in his own 2009 adaptation. Revisit that below, and read our review of last night’s excellent episode here.


[via /Film]

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