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Illustration for article titled We now finally know exactly how tall Jake Gyllenhaal is, thank God

For decades now—3.4, to be exact—people have pondered history’s greatest question and wondered, hey, just how tall is Jake Gyllenhaal? It’s a question that’s not only inspired podcasts, like Starlee Kine’s Mystery Show, but also entire well-researched articles. Thanks to Conan O’Brien, though, we now have a definitive answer to the question—or as definitive an answer as you can get, considering heights are relative compared to age, gravity, posture, and so on and so forth.


As part of Starlee Kine’s appearance on Conan last night, Gyllenhaal helpfully submitted to a comprehensive height measurement by both the host and helper Kine. Assuming seeing is believing and that O’Brien’s tape measure was up to snuff, the Southpaw and Everest actor measures up at 5’11”, though Kine does note that, since Conan tapes at night, that might not account for Gyllenhaal’s “max morning height,” a measurement that apparently figures pretty prominently on CelebHeights.com. Either way, thank God that’s settled. Now on to Jon Hamm.

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