Screenshot: YouTube

More than 20 years since it first hit theaters, Wes Craven’s Scream remains the perfect gateway horror movie. It’s scary, funny, not-too-gory, and amusingly self-aware, serving as a direct commentary on the slashers that preceded it. That none of its imitators were able to recreate its alchemy has ensured that the film remains not just a relic of the genre, but an enduring classic. To this day, it’s a horror marathon staple.

Now, fans of the film can enjoy their most immersive rewatch yet. Thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign, a screening of the movie will take place at the Tomales, California house where the film’s bloody climax unfolds. No, Jamie Kennedy and Matthew Lillard will not be in attendance, but there will be loads of memorabilia and an attempt to recreate the set’s various ‘90s ephemera (horror VHS tapes will be in abundance). There will be also be a massive party in addition to the screening, as well as the opportunity to stay the night in the house.


That said, the $1,250 overnight stay and bus tour tickets are sold out, but the organizers will be selling standard tickets for $200 in the aftermath of the Kickstarter, which expires today with the project nearly $10,000 past its initial $50,000 goal.

It sounds like a good time, even though you know nobody will be able to hit the rest room without shouting “I’ll be right back!”