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The last time we wrote about 21-year-old Chicago rapper Cupcakke, it was from a place of concern, after the sex-positive, devastatingly funny musical artist was briefly hospitalized back in January after making public comments about suicide. Tonight, we have an altogether more joyful reason to bring her to your attention—at least, if you’re not a lawyer for Nickelodeon—with the release of her raunchy new video for “Squidward’s Nose.”

If you’ve listened to the so-catchy-you’d-better-not-sing-it-in-front-of-your-kids single, you know it has two basic thematic elements: This guy’s dick’s not big enough, so Cupcakke might as well fuck the prodigious nose of noted Bikini Bottom cartoon curmudgeon/SpongeBob neighbor Squidward Tentacles instead. (Apparently the song originally focused on Pinocchio’s nose, but Cupcakke quickly realized that he’s just a little boy/puppet, so the middle-aged Squidward would be a more appropriate target for her aquatic lust.) The video pays off on that rich emotional premise; while it spends a lot of time with Search Party’s John Early trying to fish Cupcakke’s mostly-naked mermaid out of the water with a dildo, she eventually stumbles on to the heavily-lidded CGI monster of her dreams, and the inevitable ensues.

Again, we have to assume some poor Nickelodeon PR person just woke up from a sound sleep, swiftly welcomed into their brand new vision of hell. Like much of Cupcakke’s music, the video is aggressively NSFW, while also being relentlessly clever and fun. And hey! Squidward has a pretty lousy life; it’s nice to see him get to have a good time for once—even if this wasn’t necessarily the SpongeBob tribute that people were hoping for this year.


[via Vulture]

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