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We Have Always Lived In The Castle trailer brings another creepy Shirley Jackson story to life

The first trailer for We Have Always Lived In The Castle is here to fill that Haunting Of Hill House-shaped void in your gothic little soul with yet another Shirley Jackson adaptation based on a story involving an eerie mansion and upsetting family drama. This one stars Taissa Farmiga, Alexandra Daddario, Sebastian Stan, and Crispin Glover–because nothing says creepy family dynamics like Crispin Glover (see also Back To The Future). A few things are unclear based on this trailer, like is this another good Jackson adaptation? Does the film actually have Masterpiece Theatre aesthetic, or is that just the video quality? And just what is Winter Soldier planning on doing with/to that straight razor?


We Have Always Lived In The Castle was directed by Stacie Passon, best known for her work on TV shows like Transparent and Halt And Catch Fire. The film has suffered a bit of a release delay following its premiere at the 2018 Los Angeles Film Festival; the fact that it’s hitting VOD on May 17 doesn’t seem exactly promising. For those unfamiliar with Jackson’s classic gothic horror story (which has inspired countless authors and filmmakers), here’s the official synopsis:

Merricat Blackwood lives on the family estate with her older sister Constance and their aging Uncle Julian. They are the last remaining members of the Blackwood family after a fatal dose of arsenic found its way into the sugar bowl one night. Sealed off from the curiosity and hostility of the villagers, their quiet isolation is disturbed by the arrival of their charming cousin Charles, putting Merricat on high alert.