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We haven’t done any research to back this up, but we’re fairly certain that Ant-Man is well on its way to setting some kind of record for most news to come out of a movie that hasn’t even started filming. Batman V. Superman is obviously a contender, as are the new Star Wars movies, but our money is on Ant-Man to take home the highly coveted Just Shut Up And Make The Damn Movie Award.


Marvel has yet to shut up and make the damn movie, though, so we might as well keep talking about it. During its panel at Comic-Con, Marvel Studios brought out new Ant-Man director Peyton Reed, Ant-Man Paul Rudd, other Ant-Man Michael Douglas, House Of CardsCorey Stoll, and Lost’s Evangeline Lilly. Stoll and Lilly had both been added to the film’s slightly smaller roster earlier this year, but at the time we had no idea who they’d be playing. Now, as reported by Deadline, we know that Lilly will be playing Hope Pym, the daughter of Michael Douglas’ Hank Pym, and Stoll will be playing Darren Cross, the film’s villain.

Bleeding Cool has a helpful rundown of who exactly Darren Cross is in the comics—basically, he’s a bad guy who drives Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) to become the new Ant-Man by doing bad guy things—but Deadline says Cross is going to “[don] the villainous mantle of Yellowjacket” during the movie. As comic readers will surely point out, Yellowjacket is not Darren Cross. Yellowjacket is one of the many superhero names Hank Pym went by when he wasn’t being Ant-Man. That, however, is confusing, so Marvel is apparently choosing to just streamline things by having two guys play two different Ant-Men, and then having another guy play someone who is also Ant-Man in the comics, which makes perfect sense to us.

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