The World's End

While many Marvel fans are anticipating the forthcoming Captain America: Civil War to see the two-on-one face-off between Captain America, the Winter Soldier, and Iron Man, some are just curious to find out how the hell directors Anthony and Joe Russo will juggle all the characters taking part in this installment, from Black Widow to Black Panther. According to Collider, it’s in service of the latter superhero that Martin Freeman was cast in the film many months ago, revealing that the Fargo actor will play Everett Ross.

In the comics, Ross was a U.S. State Department employee whose job was to escort foreign diplomats on American soil. Eventually, he was assigned to T’Challa, also know as the Black Panther, ruler of Wakanda. He assisted Black Panther on many adventures—though “assisted” frequently meant “find himself inches from death and then get rescued by Black Panther.”


In the new film, Ross is part of the Joint Counter Terrorist Center and works alongside Emily VanCamp’s Agent 13, another character who Marvel fans’ significant others will have to grudgingly look up on Wikipedia before going to the movie. “No, it’s fine, babe. I think I’m getting it,” those dedicated partners will say, running a piece of yarn from William Hurt’s face to Mark Ruffalo’s face on a massive, wall-mounted web of Marvel images. The interactions of the multi-tiered cast will all make sense (or collapse onto themselves) when Captain America: Civil War hits theaters May 6, 2016.