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We finally have ourselves a Gambit film, mon cheries, and Eric Roberts is the bad guy

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Film studios, directors, and Channing Tatum have promised us a movie about everyone’s favorite Cajun X-Man, Gambit, for freakin’ years now. Last we checked, the latest attempt at bringing Remy LeBeau to the big screen had gotten itself thrust back into development hell, even after Tatum vowed to just say “Screw it” and do the whole damn thing himself. With everything being, well, batshit crazy right now, it seems pretty unlikely we’ll see an official movie about the debonair New Orleanian mutant anytime soon.

Thankfully, nerds will always be nerds, and so we are pleased to report there is at least a solidly badass Gambit short fan film available online now. Buckle up, mon cheries, and enjoy GAMBIT: Play for Keeps below. Eric Roberts is in it!

Directed by Jensen Noen from a story co-written by Joe Grayem and starring Nick Bateman as the charming mutant thief himself, Play for Keeps is is the culmination of a few years’ worth of work. A test teaser came out back in 2018, but the full 20-minute short finally debuted late last week. We’ll take any bit of escapist joy we can get right now, and who knows? The last time we got the surprise release of some decent fan-made superhero test footage, it wound up turning into the Deadpool series, for better or worse.


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