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We can't wait to see what the Sonic The Hedgehog director does to The Pink Panther's face

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Fresh off his moderately successful, only slightly body-horrifying Sonic The Hedgehog movie, director Jeff Fowler has reportedly lined up another CGI-live-action hybrid feature, one that demands the question: How many teeth can we shove into The Pink Panther’s face?


That’s right: It’s apparently time to reboot The Pink Panther all over again, with THR reporting that Fowler has been tapped to revive the classic detective series for the second time, after Steve Martin’s two-time run at playing Inspector Clouseau in 2006 and 2009. And we know what you’re thinking: “The Pink Panther isn’t actually about that pink panther; he’s just a cartoon character from the credits sequence who took on a life of his own.” But that’s where you’re wrong, friend: This new version of The Pink Panther apparently attempts to tie these two, almost entirely disparate concepts (bumbling detective, cartoon character who also sells fiberglass insulation) together, allegedly centering on a detective who has the panther as an imaginary friend, which is an idea that is both completely wild, and also kind of shocking in that it hasn’t been tried before.

Anyway, we know it isn’t wholly Fowler’s fault that all those bad things happened to Sonic’s face, teeth, etc. (And the eventual movie looked good enough, depending on your tolerance for extended Jim Carrey dance numbers.) Meanwhile, Bad Boys For Life co-writer Chris Bremner is set to write the project, although nothing can presumably move forward in earnest until Fowler gets done doing whatever he’s going to do to Sonic all over again, for the already-announced Sonic The Hedgehog 2.

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