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We can retire the phrase “dunking on,” now that Lebron James dunked on actual children

Screenshot: Twitter

On the internet, we like to talk about people dunking on other people. It’s a clean narrative of supremacy originating in one of the most electrifying moves in sports, when a player rises and manually, thunderously puts numbers on the board, preferably as an opposing player looks on from the floor. It implies not just dominance but a sense of revelry in it, of purposely showboating in someone else’s moment of defeat. Dunking on people is great. Watching people get dunked on is even better.

What if one of the world’s greatest practitioners of real-life jams showed up to literally dunk on a bunch of children? That is what Lebron James spent the weekend doing, as evidenced by this video footage of him at his son’s birthday party.


In other news, Bron recently debuted the fact that he’s no longer chasing the ghost of his hairline, a fact that is still making waves throughout the professional basketball landscape, and which may have lead to his jubilance on the field last weekend:


While Lebron could wallow in his recent finals loss, he is instead moving on to retiring his old hair plugs, this group of small children, and the phrase “dunking on,” which, truly, had a good run.

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