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Good news, everybody: We can now add “Twitter” to the ever-expanding list of things that former New York mayor, Trump lawyer, and White House cybersecurity adviser (yes, really) Rudy Giuliani sucks at tonight, after devious hackers “invaded his text” on the social media site through the most devastating e-security loophole of all: A typo.


Specifically, Giuliani missed a space in a tweet and posted an incorrect link to a non-existent web site earlier tonight, which some enterprising (and surprisingly non-evil, in that they didn’t redirect it to any of a billion shock image sites they could have picked) quickly acquired and used to post a mocking message about Donald Trump. Amazingly, Giuliani has not yet taken down the tweet, presumably because he’s waiting for Twitter (or possibly just some random, exasperated grandchild) to come in and “fix” his grasp of how hyperlinks work.

Trump named Giuliani as head of a new White House “Cybersecurity Working group” back in 2017, but hasn’t apparently consulted with him very much, which comes as something as a relief for anyone worried Rudy was being allowed near anything important. In fact, this isn’t even the first time he’s posted something suggesting he needs his phone privileges taken away this week; a few days ago, he delighted his schadenfreude-hungry critics by tweeting out the enigmatic phrase“Kimim ° has f,” demanding the question: How the hell do you butt-tweet out a a degree symbol? 

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