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We can all take a lesson in chill from post-Emmys Phoebe Waller-Bridge

Photo: Robyn Beck (Getty Images)

Writer, actor, and showrunner Phoebe Waller-Bridge did very well at last Sunday’s Emmys, taking home numerous awards for the excellent comedy series Fleabag and a nomination for her work on spy thriller Killing Eve. After heading up to the stage over and over again, making acceptance speeches, and riding the waves of adrenaline up and down over an evening’s worth of major career accolades, Waller-Bridge took a moment to relax backstage.

The photo of this break, fitting in with the rest of her night, deserves an award.


Taken by the BBC’s Josh Cole (who, aside from taking pictures, previously produced Crashing), it shows Waller-Bridge basking in the soft glow of Emmy glory in the best way possible: Sitting in a deck chair with a cocktail and a cigarette, surrounded by her newly-gained awards.

A second photo tweeted by The Ringer’s Kate Halliwell, not framed quite as perfectly as the first, shows the same scene and perfectly captures the tired contentment of chilling out completely after a positive, life-changing evening. As shown in a compilation of backstage interviews by Jimmy Kimmel Live!’s Guillermo, Waller-Bridge was not selfish in enjoying her awards. She also used one of her Emmys as a makeshift fork in order to feed her companion fruit salad, sharing the happiness a trophy can bring by using it very practically.

As an armful of awards and her considerable level of post-show relaxation demonstrate, things seem to be going pretty well for Waller-Bridge lately. Not only has she been recognized for making some of the best seasons of television in recent memory, but she’s also recently been the voice of a Star Wars robot, written on the new Bond movie, developed a show for HBO and, as Variety reported earlier today, signed a new deal with Amazon to produce and create more TV for them in the future.


We’d say all of that warrants a celebratory drink or two.

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