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We can assure you, this is a real picture of Crispin Glover and his dad

Photo: Dan Gorder (Getty Images)

Crispin Glover, an indelible and strange performer, counts another indelible and stranger performer as his father, Bruce Glover. The latter’s got a lofty resume of his own—a sizable role in Chinatown, for one—but he still pops up in his son’s experimental films, such as It Is Fine! Everything Is Fine. But it’s the above photo that’s got people talking about the Glover clan again, if only to ask what kind of Back To The Future-type fuckery produced what is the clearly the same man in two different bodies.

The image, which looks like the result of a FaceApp or deepfake but is definitely not, finds the Glovers’ faces syncing in time, their thin eyes, high cheekbones, sharp chins, and slightly agape mouths more or less confirming that the same DNA courses through both of these entities. Did one travel through time in order to meet the other, one wonders—to try and warn them, perhaps, to not do Hot Tub Time Machine? Or to ensure them that, yes, you, the guy who played George McFly, can actually win over Universal Pictures in court? Is Rian Johnson paying attention? Is this where he got the idea for Looper? The picture is from 2007.


No matter the case, the pair, whether they’re the same person or not, have clearly sustained a pleasant relationship. As Twitter’s @generalslug, the one who resurfaced the above photo, points out, the two are often seen together in public.

You can currently catch Crispin on American Gods, a show that’s definitely weird enough to find a role for Bruce, too.


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