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We are pleased to share Arnold Schwarzenegger as No Country For Old Men's Anton Chigurh

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Back in the first Terminator movie, Arnold Schwarzenegger played a relentless killing machine, stalking the streets of Los Angeles on a mission to murder Sarah Connor and anyone else who gets in his way. In No Country For Old Men, Javier Bardem assumed the role of a similarly terrifying, only slight less robotic death-dealer. Now, because technology has advanced to the point where we can conjure up alternate casting videos like the world’s most boring genies, a deepfake video exists that blends these two characters into a single, bowl-cutted whole.


For your consideration, we present Ctrl Shift Face’s “Arnold Schwarzenegger In The Coin Toss.”

Just as it says on the tin, the maniacs have gone and digitally glued Schwarzenegger’s stately mug onto Javier Bardem’s head and body in order to rework the scene where the movie’s Anton Chigurh munches on sunflower seeds and changes an unsuspecting cashier’s worldview forevermore. Voice actor Joe Gaudet dubs over Bardem’s bassy lines with a convincing Schwarzenegger impression, matching the unsurprisingly believable face swap to create a mirror universe where we get to see and hear Arnold’s take on memorable questions like “What business is it of yours where I’m from ... friendo?” and “What’s the most you’ve ever lost in a coin toss?” (The only deviation from the original script is a parting “Hasta la vista, friendo” that was probably impossible to resist adding in.)

While the Schwarzenegger clip is more than enough on its own, Ctrl Shift Face also whipped up two more versions of the scene. First, there’s an appropriately creepy Willem Dafoe deepfake, voiced by Alex Walker Smith:

And second, there’s an edit of the scene where Leonardo DiCaprio (voiced by Nicholas Andrew Louie) steps in to toy with the hapless gas station attendant:

Each is very well done, but none hits the mark quite as well as the Schwarzenegger cut—which isn’t surprising given that hearing Arnold say anything, let alone famous movie lines, is usually pretty enjoyable. On top of the entertainment value they provide, videos like these should also be lauded for providing a welcome service: Allowing us to hope that, as disconcerting a technology as the deepfake may be, employing it like this might create one part of our dystopian future that won’t turn out all bad. Stick to alternate casting videos and turning sitcom babies into Nick Offerman and deepfakes will be just fine.

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