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We apologize in advance for this, the stupidest Jurassic Park mashup ever

Screenshot: Jurassic Park (Twitter)

Listen, we’ll be upfront with you: What you’re about to watch is very stupid. Even the creator—Twitter user and Jurassic Park superfan @SickTriceratopz—calls it “the dumbest thing I’ve ever made.” But, in addition to combining two pop culture entities we never tire of talking about, it’s also very funny in the way that only something so incredibly dumb can be funny. Still, we’re sorry. And you’re welcome.


In the alternate universe this mashup proposes, John Hammond “spared no expense” when he reached out, eight years into the future to Australian pop artist Kylie Minogue and asked her to not only provide a soundtrack but also video entertainment for his new dinosaur park. Dr. Ian Malcolm seems to be enjoying the tunes while Lex is more interested in the music video than the nearby raptor. Eagle-eyed viewers will notice that the audio-visual effects aren’t the only changes to the attraction, which is now called, “Kylie Presents: Jurassic Park.” She must have made a hefty investment to get that.

As we said, it’s very dumb. But John Hammond’s anxious, longing stare at the early-2000s music video on his computer screen is worth the price of admission. Definitely a step up from that boring old Richard Kiley voiceover.

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