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After years of rolling around in human hamster balls, making weird merch, and singing trippy songs, Wayne Coyne is now venturing into another eccentric endeavor: radio plays. The Flaming Lips frontman will debut Wayne Coyne’s Human Head-Shaped Tumor Nov. 24 and 25 on West Coast radio station KCRW and online at KCRW.com.


The hour-long radio play was commissioned by McSweeney’s and tells the story of a fictional head-shaped tumor Coyne has lodged inside his leg. Various actors and musicians contributed to the story, including Paul F. Tompkins and Grizzly Bear’s Edward Droste, while Eleanor Friedberger, Bill Callahan, Okkervil River, and The Flaming Lips have all contributed original tracks to the score.

In other “Wayne Coyne is so crazy” news, the singer recently mucked up travel at the Oklahoma City airport after he attempted to bring a grenade—or something that looked like one—through a TSA checkpoint. He also spent Halloween in the hospital, after developing a very disgusting infection in a cut on his leg. There are numerous pictures and videos of the wound and its aftermath on Coyne’s Twitter feed, for anyone who never wants to eat again.

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