Photo: Gary Miller/Getty Images

“Nazi-punching” is one of the hot trends of 2017, as the frustrated hopefuls of the left try to find constructively violent ways to cope with the reemergence of open racism, sexism, and hate, all bundled up in a bright orange presidential package. On a more specific level, the Inauguration Day decking of white nationalist and wannabe “peaceful ethnic cleanser” Richard Spencer has inspired its own miniature artistic movement, featuring everything from animated GIFs to songs, to film festivals and video games.


Now we can add one more entry to the list, with Pitchfork reporting that Wavves frontman Nathan Williams (working with his younger brother, Joel) has released his own, even more extreme game about responding to Spencer’s shit. Titled “Kill The Alt-Reich,” it’s a pretty simple and primitive Whac-A-Mole game, with players clicking Spencer’s face to smash it with a fist. (Don’t kill the adorable kittens or pizza, though.) You can download the Williams’ brothers game here. (Bonus: It’s available for both Mac and PC, because punching Nazis knows no platform loyalty.)