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Watchmen pads its back-end: Director's cut screenings and Blu-ray news

Even Watchmen fans who were disappointed by Zack Snyder's movie adaptation may be interested in Snyder's longer cut, which reportedly gets more of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' graphic novel onto the screen. In advance of the DVD and BD release of the longer Watchmen, Warner Bros. will releasing the director's cut in select cities (New York, Minneapolis, Dallas and Los Angeles) the weekend of July 17th, and will be holding a special screening on July 25th at the San Diego Comic-Con. As for the Blu-ray—which comes out July 21st—it's shaping up to be something special. Of particular note is a feature called "Maximum Movie Mode," which combines an audio commentary and behind-the-scenes featurettes into what amounts to a feature-length lecture on how the movie got made. Check out a sample below, as featured on JoBlo.com:


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