Zooey Deschanel is a lot of thingsā€”gamine, adorkable, intensely annoying, depending on who you askā€”but sheā€™s also undeniably talented. Fresh off a great season of New Girl, the singer has once again teamed up with M. Ward to release a new She & Him record.Ā Volume 3Ā came out earlier this spring, but the first video from the record just dropped today.

Deschanel stepped behind the camera for the first time ever for the clip, ā€œI Couldā€™ve Been Your Girl.ā€ The singer says itā€™s inspired by some of her favorite ā€˜60s musicals, meaning itā€™s both insanely tame and a little sweet. In it, a cute Deschanel and her cute friends cutely dance and goof around, adorably trying to woo Ward, whoā€™s billed as ā€œthe starā€ and just sits grumpily reading a newspaper, immune to cute things like some sort of asshole. (Seriously, his behavior is totally not cute.) Itā€™s a little fluffy, but whatever. Why would anyone expect anything else from She & Him?