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Watch yet another gender reveal party go totally off the rails

Photo: maxicake (iStock)

Gender reveal parties are becoming better known for their disastrous elements than for actually revealing whether a couple is having a boy or a girl baby. This latest snafu didn’t result in wildfires or explosions, at least, but it is pretty dumb regardless. Digg posted this video of a couple whacking a giant balloon with sticks to find out the gender of their baby (sure, why not) when—oh no!—the balloon decides it’s had enough and departs for the skies, taking its gender secret with it. Now they’ll never know!


The dad-to-be gamely tries to hop a fence to try to catch the balloon, but instead crashes to the ground. Various other family members run around the yard, confused and befuddled. But somebody must know what gender the baby is, right? Somebody had to stuff that balloon with the pink or blue confetti or whatever.

Or, as writer Jenny Wortham supposes on Twitter, what if the whole video is a statement on the futility of playing into binary gender trappings? Seems unlikely, but anything that starts moving us away from these idiotic gender reveal parties, we’re all for.

Parents, you get a baby shower. A baby shower is plenty, as it’ll soon be followed by the endless string of kids’ birthday parties that are about to become your entire social life.


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