It’s easy now to forget that Tim Burton’s longstanding bromance with Johnny Depp was preceded by his partnership with Winona Ryder, who appeared in his 1988 feature-length directorial debut, Beetlejuice. But in Burton’s new video for The Killers’ “Here With Me,” ol’ Johnny is nowhere to be found. In fact, all eyes—and most notably, the eyes of the young, creepy Craig Roberts—are fixed firmly on Ryder, who plays an unusually popular magician’s assistant. (Burton was apparently inspired by Mad Love, a Peter Lorre movie from 1935.) Unable to be with the actual Ryder, Roberts settles for the next best thing: a wax mannequin that has no choice but to accompany him dancing, to the beach, and to a very candlelit dinner. Since this is Tim Burton, there are also lots of curvy black-and-white stripes, of course. And since this is a Killers video, there is also music by The Killers.

The Killers’ last album, Battle Born, came out in September. [via Rolling Stone]