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Watch William Jackson Harper react to a request to “eat that dick,” then watch it many more times

Photo: Andrew Eccles (NBC)

Here’s the thing: There are no bad reactions in this Buzzfeed video of William Jackson Harper reading thirst tweets. Not a single one. Fellow The Good Place star Kristen Bell telling Harper, “Man, you in shorts is like a guy riding a chicken”? Good shit. The whole video is worth a watch, and you can do so right here, because it’s embedded directly below this paragraph, but there’s one moment that stands out. One perfect response.

It’s this one:


As the youths say, tag yourself: I’m the eyelid-scratch before “I’m using it.” Let’s consult the tape one more time: Which single beat is the best?


Is it, “I mean, no?”


Is it when he laughs before he even starts reading the tweet?


Maybe it’s the awkward giggle? The wise choice to cut the music? The “I mean”? One more time so we can decide properly:


You know what, it’s all perfect. In addition to his incredible performance in last week’s The Good Place, Harper can also be seen alongside Mark Ruffalo in Todd Haynes’ Dark Waters. No, you cannot eat that dick. He’s using it.

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