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Watch Vin Diesel croon a Rihanna song from the darkness

Since the Super Bowl featured the first trailer for Fast & Furious 6, Vin Diesel has once again found himself in the cultural limelight. But apparently Vin prefers the darkness, as evidenced by the strange video he posted to his Facebook page yesterday as a Valentine to his fans. Standing alone in a darkened room with a video projector, almost completely obscured by shadows, Vin clutches a microphone and deeply exhales, “Happy V-Day everyone. Happy V-Day everyone.” Swaying to the piano melody from Rihanna’s “Stay,” he intones along from the darkness as the song’s video flickers to his side. And so begins the most romantic, the most mysterious, the most tantalizing viral video of 2013. Vin ruinously hits the song’s highest notes with a tender, though misguided, falsetto. Could he be angling to revive his musical career with a collaboration with Rihanna? The tender-hearted smooch Vin tosses to the camera at the video’s end suggests otherwise. So enjoy this unbridled demonstration of love for what it is, and try to conceal your excitement for next year’s special Valentine. [H/t EW]

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