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Watch Vanessa Bayer grill Jenny Lewis on gel manicures and Troop Beverly Hills

With our second annual 26th Annual Comedy Festival kicking off tonight with a Cabin Boy screening, it seems like a perfect time to talk about a clip from another of the fest’s featured performers, Vanessa Bayer. Saturday Night Live cast member and host of her own Above Average web series, Sound Advice With Janessa Slater, Bayer will appear Friday, May 29 at Thalia Hall here in Chicago. But fans and interested parties can get a peek at what she might do live via a brand new Sound Advice clip, which finds Bayer/Slater grilling musician Jenny Lewis. The whole thing’s understandably pretty awkward, with the pair weirdly discussing everything from Bob Marley to gel manicures before Slater delves into questions about Lewis’ old group, Rilo Kiley the gang from Troop Beverly Hills.

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